Benefits of Lady's Mantle herb

Benefits of Lady's Mantle herb    This herb is known as a very efficient cure for women. Out of all the medicinal herbs, lady's mantle is the number one choice of specialists in phytotherapy when prescribing medication in cases of menstruation.

Description of Lady's Mantle herb

   Alchemilla vulgaris or lady's mantle is a herbaceous perennial herb which grows at high altitudes, especially in mountainous regions. It also grows in forests, pasture and hayfields from April till the month of August. It is not a very tall herb. Its leaves are long, in a semicircular form, with denticulated edges; and its flowers are yellowish-light green, of small size without petals. For medicinal purposes the plant is harvested in June through July. Lady's mantle has been recommended by specialists in phytotherapy for centuries, owing to the beneficial effects that it has over women's bodies. It helps treat leucorrhoea, anxiety, problems caused by menopause, and combined with milfoil it constitutes an effective cure against menstruation disorders.


Proprieties and benefits of Lady's Mantle

   Among the active substances in the chemical composition of the herb tannins, flavonoids and mineral salts are also included. Due to the quantity of hormones from the herb lady's mantle can adjust hormonal disturbances and is recommended in cases of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) and si hypermenorrhea (menstruation disorders), menopause disorders, cervicitis, small and medium uterine fibroma. It is also efficient in cases of headaches, dizziness, stomach aches and nausea. Mixtures made from this herb have astringent, antidiuretic, anti-inflammatory and heart strengthening properties. Moreover, because of its ability to stimulate the healing of wounds, the herb is used effectively in treating injuries.


   Believed to be very useful in treating sterility at women, lady's mantle helps and eases the process of giving birth. Furthermore, it can cure infections of the pelvic organs, fever, burns, boils, and hernia. It is also used in treating spasms and muscle pains, muscle weakness or general weakness, anemia, and growing problems at children. Traditional medicine teaches us that lady's mantle can be used effectively in obesity cases, rheumatism, arthrosclerosis and hydropsy.

   For external use, lady's mantle is employed in healing wounds, cuts, and bee stings and also in treating ulcerous afflictions of the shank or for gargling.



   Lady's mantle is used under various forms, starting with infusions to tinctures or macerated mixtures which can be found in stores specialized in selling medicinal herbs. It can even be used in its natural state in cases of cuts or stings. Bellow we have listed some of the main mixtures and their effects.

Lady's mantle tea

   It is made from a spoonful of grinded herb, boiled in a cup of water. The mixture is then consumed two or three times a day and is recommended for diabetics and for those who suffer from obesity. The same tea if left to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes can help conquer insomnias. Children with weak muscles or those who do not gain any weight despite the accurate alimentation are advised to take two cups of lady's mantle tea a day. In cases of amenorrhea the tea should be more concentrated and the time left to infuse should be longer (about 15 minutes). For treating mild menstruation disorders an infusion of 4-5 minutes is recommended. Externally, for gargling, the infusion is made from three spoonfuls of lady's mantle macerated in a cup of water.


Tonic wine

   If your goal is to stimulate the food appetite, then the tonic wine made from lady's mantle is all that you need. Wine infusion is prepared following the same routine: a spoonful of lady's mantle fruits are added in a cup of hot wine. It is then consumed before meals.

Macerated mixture of lady's mantle

   After the herb is placed in water and left to macerate between 8 and 12 hours, the resulting mixture is then sieved and digested during meals.


   Poultices containing lady's mantle oil are used in cases of stomach aches and applied two or three times a day for 20 to 30 minutes. If applied on the heart area, they can alleviate heart problems.

   For bathwater, 7 oz. of dry lady's mantle are left to macerate all night in cold water. The next day the water gets warmed up and mixed with the bathwater. It is recommended that the bath should last no more than 30 minutes.