Corydalis has the ability to beat insomnia

Corydalis has the ability to beat insomnia

Corydalis is a perennial herb which grows at a low level close to the ground and in shade. This plant is native to the northern parts of China, Japan and Siberia. It has been used for thousands of years by traditional Chinese herbalists thanks to its amazing and strong analgesic properties. Its root has been greatly appraised for its powerful ingredients that help alleviate pain.

Besides its ornamental purpose, the root or the rhizome of this herb can be dried out and included as an essential ingredient in certain herbal medications. Over the years, the Corydalis root has been greatly used and appraised for its properties that mitigate pain.

Find out about the medicinal uses of the corydalis plant and learn from the wisdom of Asian herbal specialists and their traditional natural remedies!

Significant medicinal uses

As previously mentioned, the part of the plant that carries the strongest curative properties is the root. It has soothing, narcotic and tranquilizing properties that help reduce abdominal pains. The most well-known health benefits are presented below:

- Insomnia & nervousness this herb is highly effective in dealing with sleeplessness, nervousness and restless leg syndrome. Corydalis has soothing properties and is used in curing the above conditions. It contains an amount of powerful alkaloids which can improve the sleep-stimulating essence of barbiturates. Studies showed that American herbal practitioners use this plant in combination with California poppy, also known by its scientific name Eschscholzia californica. This mixture is given in cases of anxiety, edginess, and restlessness.

- Allergy the extract of corydalis rhizome includes those potent alkaloids which contain an important element, called dehydrocorydaline. This will help reduce allergic reactions.

- Cataracts this herb is undoubtedly beneficial in preventing and curing cataracts. This is because the alcohol contained in the corydalis root ceases the development of cataracts triggered by other health problems like diabetes.

- Pain alleviation Research revealed that corydalis is extremely effective in mitigating pain due to its analgesic properties.

- Heart various medical studies showed that extracts from the corydalis tuber reduce the size of infracts, which represent heart tissues deprived of blood. Thus, this extract improves heart functions in cases of myocardial ischemia.

Other medicinal uses

Corydalis is a popular plant used in traditional Chinese medicine mostly to stimulate the circulatory system and soothe various symptoms. It is frequently prescribed by herbal specialists to women to relieve menstrual cramps, but also as a natural alternative to treating chest and abdominal soreness. Its power to relieve pain resides in the plant’s content of alkaloids. It is considered that corydalis has an astringent flavor which plays a major role in treating heart, liver and spleen problems. Herbal medicine practitioners recommend corydalis tea or tincture to decrease blood pressure.

The plant’s root is recommended not only as an effective remedy to soothe pains, but also as a way to enhance the circulation system. Corydalis root is used to treat various physical conditions, some of which were already mentioned: dysmenorrhea, hernia, chest pains, lumbago, injuries etc. It was also revealed that corydalis extracts include cardio tonic, antitussive, anti-cancer and hypotensive properties.

Side effects

Specialized herbal practitioners recommend the use of corydalis in combination with California poppy so as to get effective results while treating nervousness and restlessness. Irrespective of the health condition for which you plan to use this plant, you should always seek prior medical guidance.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms shouldn’t use this plant or its extracts at all. There is insufficient medical data regarding its side effects to this category. If you are using medication for insomnia, avoid taking sleeping pills and corydalis simultaneously. Moreover, it is advisable to refrain from consuming alcohol if taking corydalis root because this plant contains a compound which depresses the central nervous system.

Corydalis is a natural and anti-inflammatory remedy highly useful in reducing various pains! If you are tired of taking so many pain killers that don’t work their miracles, you can give corydalis root a chance!