Extreme diets

Extreme diets Sociologists have come to the conclusion that 41% of young women give up an entire meal per day in order to lose weight while 70% have dieted at least once in a lifetime. Approximately 85% of young women are not satisfied with their appearance and what to perfect their look and their figure. As a consequence, there are many women who adopt drastic diets, endangering their health.

What are the factors guilty for this situation? Fashion trends, minute clothes, skinny models? The promotion through mass media of beauties measuring 90 - 60 - 90? Do men have a different attitude towards skinny women opposed to the rounder ones?

No matter how we choose to discuss this subject, it is certain that more and more women are willing to follow drastic diets and to exercise to exhaustion. The Ice Diet, the Boiled Water Diet or the Distilled Water Diet are only three of these extreme diets.

ICE Diet

A diet that promises to transform you, in a short period of time, into a Kate Moss model is the Ice Diet. This starts from the fact that the organism consumes many calories in order to warm up the food in your stomach, during the digestive process.

This is why, according to this diet, after the three main meals you have to consume ice cubes of broken ice! During breakfast a whole glass, after lunch three cubes and after dinner half a cube of broken ice. The diet lasts for three days, during which it is recommended that you jog.

Attention! If symptoms like dizziness, drowsiness, alert heartbeats or apoplexy attacks, the quantity should be reduced to one cube after each meal. Also, don't use ice picks from the house eaves because they can contain toxic particles! In order to obtain proper results, repeat the diet once every three days until you reach the desired weight.

Boiled Water Diet

Opposite to the diet based on consuming ice cubes is the diet based on boiled water. You don't have to do anything else but to make sure that every night you boil the water and in the morning, on an empty stomach, to drink the boiled and chilled water. How easy it is to diet, it's up to those who decide to follow it.

The graph is the following: in the first day you drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, the second day two glasses, the third day three glasses until you reach eight glasses a day. In the following days the graph is reversed, so that in the eighth day you must drink seven glasses, and in the ninth, six. You should continue in this descending rhythm until you reach a glass on an empty stomach again.

There have been very good results for those who have given up water and fizzy drinks, sweets and fats. Attention! You must not drink all the water in one sip, especially because you can drink up to two liters on an empty stomach. On the other hand, you must not eat any food until you take the water portion corresponding to your diet day.

Of course, you can drink your morning coffee. With a stomach full of water, you lose some of your appetite, but the good news is that you have no restrictions to certain food. As a bonus, this diet takes away some of the cellulite.

Fueling your organism with water, the exchange of substances is done correctly, the cells are hydrated and the organism is no longer "set" to retain water.

Distilled Water Diet

Generally, people who exercise and opt for fitness or body-building go through very intense training for competitions. Besides training, sportspeople follow a special diet - a diet based on unsalted food - and only drink distilled water. Why is that? Because it has to salts that retain water in the organism. Practically, the skin adheres to the muscle and burns all the fat, usually up to 2, 3, 4% for sportspeople. A week before the competition, they reduce the amount of distilled water from 2-3 liters a day to the daily basic amount i.e. a few glasses of water. The effect is amazing: the body looks in shape and fit.

Attention! This diet is personalized for every sportsperson and it is not recommended to usual people.

For the diet with ice picks, the benefit of losing a few calories necessary to correct the hypothermia induced by the iced is overshadowed by the risk of symptoms of dizziness or fainting occurring, the risk of producing thermal injuries at the level of the digestive tube. The unwanted effects can also lead to the occurrence of heart rate faults, a potential threat to life itself.

The boiled water diet is based on the gastric feeling of being "full" because of drinking increasing quantities of water, followed by hunger. Its fault is the need to consume the 2 liters of water in the morning and not throughout the entire day.

Through boiling, water will lose its bacteria and its parasites cysts, which can represent an advantage, but not one with an important effect on losing weight.

The distilled water diet is a myth originating in the gym, its followers claiming that a low income of minerals and salts can lead to a better defining of muscles. Through distillation water becomes poor in minerals and salt. Still, more than 95% of the minerals in the organism come from food and not from water, so this practice can have no important effects on your body.