How to increase the size of your breasts naturally

How to increase the size of your breasts naturally    Although official medicine does not admit the possibility of increasing the breasts in a natural way,(as it does not admit many other things) this is really possible.

   From the very beginning it must e said that every woman has, due to the constitutional type with which she was born, a certain extent to which her breasts can develop. This limit cannot be broken without producing traumatizing interventions with bad effects on long term on the body. Nevertheless, there can be obtained almost miraculous increments by applying simultaneously the following methods:

Pure alimentation

   There are certain aliments, such as sweets with sugar, meat with growing up hormones, pastry, certain synthetic alimentary additives which can determine a volume boost of the breasts, but it is not a sane one- they become lax and shapeless (the "puffy" looks of a lot of women from the West, where this alimentation predominates). This, of course, is not wanted.

   On the other hand, a lacto- vegetarian alimentation, with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, is destined not only to developing the breasts, but also to take care of the entire body. Besides this natural way of alimentation, there are those so-called "medicine-aliments" for getting bigger breasts, and these are: black olives and virgin olive oil, soya and especially soya eggs, grain and grain oil, the dill leaves, flowers and seeds, the celery leaves, the nut heart, roasted peanuts, sun-flower seeds. You will consume these aliments in big amounts for a period of at least 6 months.

Plants that stimulate hormones

   The following mix of plants has very good results in the increment of the breasts: dill seeds (Anethum graveolens), liquorice root (Glyciriza glabra), basil flowers (Ocimum basilicum), anise seeds (Pimpinella anisum). The plants have to be crushed eith the elecrtic coffee crusher, after which they are being mixed in equal parts; one little spoon has to be taken three times a day, before meals. The plant has to be kept under the tongue for fifteen minutes, then you swallow it with water.


   Those women who suffer from benign tumors will not include liquorice in their mix, as it has a very strong oestrogenic effect and a week before their period, they will take one little spoon of salvia powder, three times a day.

The massage of the breasts

The most efficient technique was proven to be the one known as "doctor Chang?s method", which we present below:
  • The massage will be done while sitting, with the right foot's heel pressing on the zone of the clitoris (the zone above the urethra)
  • The pressure created with the right heel above the named area has to be moderated but firm enough in order to not create a huge erotic effervescence.
  • Once this effervescence has appeared, the concomitant massage of both breasts can be started, using circular moves for growth, performing them softly, but with intensity, in order to maintain a certain erotic effervescence state.
   Inside this inner state that has been created, the growth process of the breasts is evoked with intensity, visualizing beautiful breasts. To perform this massage correctly, it is very important to have a rich imagination and daily perseverance.

   Medicinal oils for the massage:

   Natural extracts from plants, once they had come into the skin, permit an amplification of the natural process of growth of the breasts. This is possible because of the stimulation characteristics they exert on the breasts. Among these remedies, we mention:
  • the wheat germs oil - it is a product that can easily be procured today, from most naturist shops: it has to be applied in moderate doses, from one to three times a day. It has oestrogenic effect and it is very rich in E vitamin.
  • dill oil - it can be obtained by anyone, by macerating the dill seeds in vegetal oil (olive oil if possible). The usual proportion is of 30 grams of seed powder with 200 ml of olive oil. After macerating for three weeks, it has to be filtered, and the rest of the plant is thrown away. The resulted oil, which is very aromatic, will be used two or three times a day. At the beginning, it is possible that certain breast pain may appear (this is natural at most natural methods of breast growth) and will disappear after four or five days of treatment.
   The oil quantity used for one massage has to be moderated; more oil is added only if the existing one can be absorbed without difficulty by the skin.


   Those women that are confronted with breast inflammations or nodules, will not use these massage oils.

Sexual intercourse with continence

   This is the secret weapon of the woman who wants to become more beautiful and sensual. When a woman makes love, the hormone quantity in her body will grow a lot, and in little time her breasts will increase their volume. This is a classic manifestation. But, in the moment of the orgasm, the breasts suddenly become lax, the hormonal constellation modifies fast as well, and after many such acts, all the body, not only the breasts, looses its firmness and youth.

   The conclusion draws itself: if you want to have big and beautiful breasts, make love but pay attention to the orgasms. Experience has shown that the women who have sexual intercourse with continence can increase rapidly their breasts with over 50%. These become firm and beautiful.