When everything is going very well, even the hair is bright. Respect a healthy way of life, because the specialist thinks that the vitamins and the way of life are the key for beautiful, natural and healthy hair.

A healthy diet it’s very important, but you didn’t know that hair is the first which will tell that something is wrong. And this because nourishing substances will satisfy the needs of other organs, with a hair priority, like brain, not in the least for those of hair roots. The result? Your hair, without vitamins will stop growing and it will be dry with broken tops. How to prevent such a problem? Follow a balance diet, rich in zinc, iron and B vitamin elements. This means you have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but also food rich in proteins.

Specific Hair Type Problems:

Hair needs three months to grow and only after this period you can see results of a damage hair. You must know the fact that no matter the quantity of fruits and vegetables you consume can’t repair the problems of a dyed hair or a hair that hadn’t had a hair cut in two years and has broken tops.

While the quality of fat hair is genetic established and nothing that you eat can change your genes, if your hair get suddenly fat, you must pay more attention to the food that you eat. Foods that make skin sweet a lot, are the also the problem for scalp. If your hair looks dry, try to eat more nuts, peanuts, seeds and fish.

Your hair has the same length for the past three months? As I was saying, B vitamin has a key role. If your body doesn’t receive a certain amount of vitamins, hair is the first thing that will suffer. Eat small portions and often you will maintain the energy level that you need. A four hours snack can be a great help.

Your hair is to thin? It can be related to your low iron level, thing offend seen at vegetarians. Everybody needs 14.8 mg of iron per day. If you respect this for three months and nothing happens you should see a specialist.

If you observe more and more white hair at your temples, also B vitamin is the problem. As we know, stress is always related to hair turning gray and it destroys B vitamins. Studies have confirmed that an additional rate of B vitamin leads to a low rate of hair turning gray.